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Give our Pretoria SEO experts the opportunity to get you top Google search engine rankings for your targeted keywords and phrases.

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As a professional SEO company in South Africa our affordable local SEO services generate quality leads and increase sales for your business. We have successfully helped many companies in Pretoria take the advantage to rank high on Google with our reliable search engine optimization services.

With more than 10 years experience as an online marketing company specializing in SEO, our many success stories shows that we are leaders in search engine optimization.

About Our SEO Services

Our professional SEO services include link building as a process of generating links to your site. This includes to target relevant keywords. This will dramatically increase your keywords search engine rankings!

Although it is hard work to optimize your website for search engines such as Google, but the returns are endless and your website will be your company’s success story.

Once you sign up for our search engine optimization services, you will be pleasantly surprised how soon new potential clients will contact you.

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At the end of the day, the more visitors you get to your website, the more relevant the information you provide your customer and the easier you make to find your services the more sales you are going to make. That makes sense doesn’t it? So if we can walk you through a strategy that we know successfully has been able to lift the number of visitors to your site so they can engage more effectively, would that be useful to you?

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Why Should You Invest In SEO

You might wonder whether SEO is right for your business. Below are 5 real reasons why you should use SEO to drive more leads and sales.

  • The competition for internet traffic is tougher than ever. When you find that your website is not on the first page of search engine results, you are giving away pre-qualified potential customers to your competitors.

  • Customers searching for your products or services rarely go past the first page of results and most likely will do click on the first three organic (free) listings.

  • You might feel that you have the best website, but search engines rank websites that are optimized the best.

  • PPC advertising is expensive and once you stop paying you will stop getting traffic from search engines. SEO delivers more targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost compared to PPC.

Disclaimer: We are not a huge company with a R40 000-00 monthly office rental bill that most likely will appoint an account executive that is more of a salesperson than an expert at SEO. If you are satisfied with spending R10 000-00 per month to be with a big name company that keeps upselling you to get the actual results you want, then you are better off with them. Why you need us?

What Makes Us A Different South African SEO Company?

1. Your SEO Package Is Customized

We like to call it a “Just For You” Plan of Action. Stuff the standard Search Engine Optimization packages like most online marketing companies would give you. You know your business if different from your competitors. We work out a plan of action for you to succeed. We show you how you can make a profit. Your action plan is measured monthly, evaluated and revised every 3 months to give you the ultimate benefit for higher search engine rankings.

2. We Don’t Do Search Engine Optimization Like Our Competitors

Most SEO companies in South Africa are only worried about giving you good rankings.  We want you to be successful and make money. We will not take on your business if we are not 100% completely sure that we can show you maximum return on investment. 

3. We Are Partners

You will have our cellphone numbers and personal email addresses and we have a complete open door policy. We are not just another faceless Search Engine Marketing company where you speak to a different person every time. Whenever you have a question, need an update or just need some advice or an explanation, we will be there to assist you.

4.  We Send Monthly Reports And More…

Every month you will get a complete SEO report on what we have done and where we are according to our “Just For You” action plan. We also want to teach you how search marketing works. You will know exactly what we are doing. We are not afraid to share our SEO secrets with you. In your monthly SEO report you will also get an industry update, interesting facts and possible algorithm changes from Google that might affect your progress.

5. Ingenuity

Some call us SEO Experts, some call us geniuses (humbly of course). The reason for our success is that we are part of a group of mastermind SEO brains. We regularly share innovative ways to improve, what strategies are working and what SEO strategies to stay away from. You simply need to see it as many search engine optimization gurus working with you to succeed.

6. Worry Free Contracts

If you are not happy with a service, why do you still need to stick around? Kick us under our butts if we don’t deliver. As easy and simple as that. Our agreement with you is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

7. Everything Is Our Own Work

We don’t outsource our SEO services, we don’t use silly black hat techniques and we don’t cut corners. Everything is our own work and we work damn hard (and we are proud to say that!).

Don't Make The Single Most Expensive Mistake Of Marketing Your Business!

The biggest objective of marketing is to be visible when your clients are looking for you. Are you?

You most likely found this website when searching for SEO Company Pretoria or something similar. We have a proven track record of achieving top Google rankings for very competitive keywords.

3 Facts About Our SEO Services In South Africa

  • We want you to dominate Google.
  • We want you to dominate your competitors.
  • We want you to be the #1 in your industry.
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We would like to provide you with a free SEO consultation and website analysis. You will get an honest assessment from us on how and what changes you could make to improve your business.

Take The 1 Minute Test Why You Need Our  Search Engine Optimization Services

We specialize in promoting our clients websites on Geo-centered keywords by focusing on the target audience significant for our client’s business. Find out if your website qualifies for our specialist Pretoria SEO services:

Type your main product or service in Google followed by {YourCity} eg, plumbers Pretoria. If you don’t see your website featuring on the first page of Google, call us right away on 061 438 9980 or complete our free SEO Discovery Form and we will see you on the other side. Also see our Johannesburg SEO services.


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