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Local SEO Services

Local SEO services entails optimizing the online presence of your business in various online listings that include online maps, local listings and review websites such as Facebook Places, Google Places, Foursquare and Bing Local. Placement in these places leads to a substantial increase in the online visibility of your businesses.

Customers in search of local business establishments also conduct online searches. As a result, you have to be visible on search engines for such customers to find you easily. Pretoria SEO can help you to become visible in the local online searches with our Local SEO services.

Local SEO is normally a challenge due to the large number of variables involved including the places that people are searching from, your on page optimization techniques as well as the internet browser settings.

At Pretoria SEO, we have an added advantage for all our clients. Our over 12 years experience and knowledge in successfully ranking clients for local searches sets us apart from our competitors.

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

People are constantly moving and they do not often have the time to personally explore all the local businesses which provide the services and products they require. However, with mobile technology, they are capable of conducting an online search so as to find options in their home areas.

The information that they find during their search helps to decide on whether or not they should visit the place. Pretoria SEO makes sure that your business becomes the number one option among above your competitors.

Our local SEO services can be helpful in increasing your local visibility in your geographic area. With our local SEO strategies, our main focus is not only on the ranking but also exposure so as to increase organic traffic as well as visibility across the internet.

Our local SEO services entail:


These are very critical for any Local SEO success. We are dedicated to work with you and ensure that your citations are correct in addition to acquiring new citations.

On-Site Optimization

On-site optimizations for Local SEO are a bit unique therefore we have to ensure that search engines have the correct content in the desired format so as to know the areas which you serve. In addition to normal on-site requirements, we will make sure you have proper markup and scheme so that search engines can easily get to know who you are, where you serve and what you do.


Reviews are very important for your businesses in general. We usually add a whole new element to your local SEO services. We will work together with you so as to help you in gaining more reviews from your clients and customers.

Local Business Listing Research and Creation

Through our extensive research of your business` status on the local web properties, we will ensure that your businesses are present in the local listings and it does not have multiple accounts or entries. This usually makes it to be less confusing for prospective customers to find you thus helping you to cement your place as being a legitimate local business.

Local Mobile`s Check-In Visibility

We help in strengthening your local signals through encouraging a lot of check-ins by simply publicizing your business on Foursquare, official Facebook Places and also Google MyBusiness accounts.

We will further optimize the presence of your business on the local listings by Image Creation, Publication, Review Publication, Optimization and Custom Citation Building.

To get started with your Local SEO, complete the contact form or call us at 061 438 9980 today and we will schedule a free 30 minute consultation with you.

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