Pretoria SEO recently joined Vavavox to help us with our feedback from our clients.  Vavavox is an online Word-of-Mouth referral platform. Your clients give unbiased feedback or reviews about the service they received from you and Vavavox has structures in place to promote the feedback through various social media channels.

We all know Tripadvisor and what benefits they provide the travel industry world wide. Vavacox is set out to become the Tripadvisor of service delivery in South Africa.

vavavox Vavavox Promotes Positive Feedback About Your Business

I am always sceptical about these type of websites, but Vavavox is different. It is not a “complain website”, but the main idea is it wants your clients to give you positive and uplifting reviews. The feedback can be extremely beneficial because your clients tells you where you can improve your service delivery. You can also reply to clients who gives you a negative review – any good PR person will tell you there is no better client than an unhappy client who became a happy client.

I can really see the potential of Vavavox and it will definitely become the go-to website in South Africa where your potential clients will visit to find out if you provide a reputable service.

As a company that specialises in Local SEO we can’t recommend Vavavox enough. It provides a valuable online platform to get referrals from clients. Think about it, 50% of all buying decision are made because of word of mouth – complete the form to find out more benefits and how your company can become part of Vavavox. We will send you more information as soon as we receive it:

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Update: Pretoria SEO has been appointed as the SEO partner for Vavavox. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to make Vavavox the #1 business services review website in South Africa. When you sign your business up with Vavavox, you can receive a FREE 2 WEEK SEO TRIAL. Put us to the test to improve your search engine rankings. Apply for the 2 weeks SEO trial by completing our Discovery Form here.