mobile-friendly website

Have you checked that your website is optimized for tablets and smartphones?

What has previously been an SEO strategy has become an SEO must-have.

mobile friendly websiteGoogle recently announced that they will start penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. It was a fair warning and something you should not take lightly. Global internet users and spending more time than ever searching on Google from their mobile devices. This statistics increases every year and can’t be ignored.

This will mean a drop in mobile search engine rankings. This is not good if you have spent a lot of money on SEO services to get you where you are in the serps.

As we know Google, they want to give their real clients – the searchers – the best value for their time and if your website is not responsive (adapting the website according to the device screen) you can’t expect your website to be visible for people searching Google for your products and services.

This algorythm update is important and Google should have done it a long time ago.

 How Would You Know Your Website Is A Mobile-friendly Website?

To check if you have a mobile-friendly website, visit, type in your website url and it will show if your website is responsive or not.

Also, if you have your website linked with Google Webmasters Tools, you might also have gotten a notification email where they tell you what you need to do, to get your website responsive or mobile-friendly.

mobile-friendly website message


You might be in trouble if your website is not mobile friendly. Ask your website designer if they can make your website responsive.