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Do you know how much time it takes to optimize your Search Engine Optimization? [Sarcasm here] I actually tried to compile a list that you can do quickly to help you get your web pages a bit higher in your search engines, Yahoo! or Google search results. 

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  1. Register in more search engines. There are many search engines to register your web pages. You can also use free services to help you get listed on search engines like Google search. You can also register on these major search engines yourself. This is a free search engine submission website that allows you to cycle through the top 100 search engines in order to get your site submitted. 

    It is always better to use free search engines than paid ones. A paid search engine can charge you a lot of money and you can not always trust some of these search engines. It is also good to use multiple search engines to get the best search results for your searches.

  2.  Register in more directories. There are many of them to register for. You should look for directories with higher PageRank. Improvingrank.com lists some by PageRank. You can find the link on the left sidebar of the homepage. 

  3. Check your links and clean up your HTML. Your bots should be able to navigate your site easily. You can use the W3c.org tools and have them reviewed by a human being. You can also keep track of these pages using Google Search Console and include this tool to conduct keyword research to see what your pages rank high on search engines search results. 

  4. Add a few more links on to your website. You should make sure they are relevant and have at least the same PageRank. Using relevant keywords comes from the keyword research you did as part of your search engine optimization tasks to rank higher on search engine search results.

    Rank higher on major search engines like Google using search engine optimization skills and tools
  5. Your page filenames should be descriptive and keyword-rich. It is a waste of Search Engine Optimization to name your page new_page_1.html. Names that accurately describe the content are best and keywords (relevant to your keyword research) should not be ignored. Using relevant keywords are important for Search engine optimization and to appear higher on search engine search results.

  6.  Make sure you check your Title tags. The title can contain between 90 and 100 characters, so make sure to add keywords that you can specifically rank for in search engine search results. They are visible to Google and other search engines. Add a keyword-rich meta description to these pages for good search engine optimization practice.

  7. Make sure you have ALT tags. Searchbots cannot see images. Searchbots can’t see your photos if you don’t have ALT tags. Make sure that they are keyword rich and descriptive on your web page.

  8. Your URL (anchor tag) tags should be rewritten. Anchor tags (the text that is between the http:// and /a tags), are important to reinforce your message and keywords and are shown higher in search results

  9. Post in several forums and include your website in the signature. Forums are great places to post one-way links. You can also help someone else. 

  10. Create a sitemap that is text-based and place it on your website. Web spiders don’t understand a lot of navigation, including flash, forms and javascript. The bots can navigate the site by creating a sitemap that is text-based and help you show up for relevant results on the search engine results page.

    A small amount of time every few days can make a big difference in your ranking by performing these tasks as part of your search engine optimization strategy. Make sure to track the keywords that appear on search engine search results and from your keyword research tool: Google search console

    One important thing that you should know about SEO is that it is a long-term process. It takes time before you start seeing any real changes in the amount of traffic you receive. If you want to make the most of your efforts, you need to be patient and search engines will reward you with a higher ranking on their search results.

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