How Pretoria SEO Can Grow Your Business

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How Pretoria SEO Can Grow Your Business

We all know that our websites need to be on the first page of Google. Do you know why it is so important to be on the first page?

It is a common fact that there is currently no better marketing tool than Google. The buying process of most clients starts with a search on Google. It is the first place you need to start when you want to grow your company.

Just as you probably found Pretoria SEO when you searched for an SEO or online marketing company in Pretoria, so does your clients also search for your services and products you offer.

An increase in visibility means an increase in traffic and that means more clients (…more income)! People who search for your products or services rarely search on page 2 and never on page 3 and up.

How Can Pretoria SEO Grow Your Business

Pretoria SEO is in the business of making websites rank on the first page of Google for the exact same reasons:

1. We want your website to dominate your competitors

Just think about it – it is pretty much the same as buying a Lotto ticket – you’ve gotta be in it to win it. If your competitors rank on the first page of Google and not you, they will get the opportunity to win new clients.

2. Increase your branding

If Google thinks it is worthwhile to rank you on the first page, it will certainly grow your companies reputation with your clients. Search engine optimization levels the playing field and you can rank and get the same business as the so-called big guns. Forget about some of the myths of high SEO rankings – at Pretoria SEO it is not a matter if we can rank your website, but when.

3. Our SEO processes and strategies compare with the best SEO companies anywhere in the world

  • Much of our time is spent on research and learning. We stay on top of the latest global strategies and are also part of an elite global SEO group where we regularly meet online and exchange tried and tested techniques.
  • We are also not afraid to say that your website can be discussed in our meetings. The advice is invaluable and has allowed us to rank some websites on Google a lot sooner than we thought is possible.

We Don’t Take On Any Client

Before we take on a client, we first research their business and also do a competitive analysis. After we have then compiled a feasibility report – not for us, but for you – we send you our proposal and recommendations.

We have nothing to hide – we are good at SEO and ranking websites is our only business!

We are not cheap, but also not expensive – we cut our overheads to the bone to spend as much time and money – and that is our competitive advantage. We show results based on the money you spend and not on fancy rental offices.

Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

Complete the contact form on the page or call us on 076 640 6339 and let’s discuss your SEO opportunities and how Pretoria SEO can grow your business.