What is SEO

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What is SEO? A question most people ask us. Simply put, it is short for search engine optimization – the process to rank major keywords on your website high on search engines.

The higher your website ranks for keywords, the better chance you have that potential clients find your business when they are looking for a product or service you offer.

How We Rank Your Website With SEO

To rank high on Google you first have to tell the search engine who you are and what you do. This is called on page SEO.

We make sure that the keywords you want to rank are shown and focused on as required by Google.

2nd, we build trust through link building (off page SEO). It is called backlinks. We ask for backlinks to your website from a wide variety of authority websites in your niche. Your website does score an extra few brownie points if you get shares and likes from social networks (social signals).

Search Engine Optimization certainly is a game of balance as you don’t want to be in Google’s face too much (over-optimize) and be a nuisance. When you think of the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears, you can say that we are going after the recipe to get the porridge just “right”.

What You Need To Know About Google And SEO

Something I tell my clients is that we must always remember that we are not Google’s clients. The person searching for your product or service is their client and Google will do their best to give their client the best service. In this case, the best answer in the shortest possible time.

So, you need to give Google exceptional quality information and trust and they will provide your details to their clients when they are looking for it.

Below is a graphical illustration to put the SEO ranking process in perspective:

What is SEO

You most probably found pretoriaseo.99randwebsites.co.za because you were searching Google for online marketing company Pretoria or something similar. Now you know what your clients do when they look for your products and services. Allow Pretoria SEO to do the same for you! Complete the contact form on this page or call us on 061 438 9980.