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I first got involved in online marketing in 2003 when I worked for an online casino. I regularly spoke to the casino’s affiliates and quickly realized that you can make money from your website.

After a lot of failures and only a few successes, I eventually got the hang of how to rank high in the search engines with SEO (it was not really that difficult back in 2008).

In 2010 I worked for a well-known affiliate marketing company. The more I tried to sell affiliate marketing, the more I realised there was a bigger demand from website owners to get their websites to rank high in search engines.

One of the biggest things I learned was that SEO changed more often than not and that you need to be on top of your game everyday. After 12 years, I am still a scholar of SEO tends, techniques and strategies. It makes it exciting and not for one moment can you sit back and rest on your laurels.

Below is a video of me speaking at the 2012 Wordcamp in Cape Town. I was also interviewed by

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