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Learn how to rank your website and manage your rankings with our comprehensive in-house SEO training program.

Pretoria SEO provides in-house SEO training course content that is comprehensive and consists of a two day Search Engine Optimization training course geared towards Marketing and Web Design staff.
However, we have provided training not only to technical staff but to people in less technical positions as well. Our in-house SEO Training is designed to cover our complete basic SEO methodology.
With Pretoria SEO you are getting trained by an SEO specialist that has experience handling hundreds of internet marketing campaigns.

Why Participate In Face-To-Face SEO Training?

There is only so much that can be gained by working with blogs, videos, and other impersonal training aids. At Pretoria SEO we do our training a little different. We train at your office. In person, and we have found that this personal instruction enables greater retention of the material.
Honestly, would you trust your doctor’s education to a video series?
SEO Consultants are charged with knowing how to get your website to the top of the search engines, how to increase customer satisfaction and usefulness of the site while turning clicks into buyers. We understand that SEO consulting is serious business, that an SEO consultant is in effect a doctor for your website. We understand that your competitors aren’t playing around and neither are the search engines.

Fact is not knowing what you are doing in terms of SEO techniques could literally cost your company tens of thousands of rands in lost revenue and unnecessary expenses as you are forced to deal with the consequences of bad decisions.

This is where our SEO training excels because it is a more personal level of instruction we often can cover questions that students in other environments just never get to.
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SEO Training That Teaches All The Techniques

Our SEO training is done over two days. During our SEO Training Course, we cover the complete skill set needed to be proficient in the SEO world. Our SEO training classes tend to be about 25% question and answer. We will cover each of the following skill sets in our in-house SEO training course:
1. Review the search engine optimization process
2. Work on advanced keyword research strategies.
3. How to get content in all major search engines in 24 hours.
4. Learn techniques for SEO copywriting.
5. Learning techniques for effective blog utilization.
6. Creative ideas for implementing user-generated content (UGC).
7. Learn advanced Local Search optimization techniques.
8. How to make SEO look natural.
9. How to optimize videos for video social marketing
10. How to keep your website visitors interest while selling.
11. How to take advantage of the inherent strengths of database driven sites.
12. How to use social media marketing to boost sales.
13. How to use Analytic software and why.
14. How to use Google Webmaster Tools.
15. Training with several SEO toolsets.
16. How to use competitive intelligence to increase your website’s rankings.
17. All about article marketing.
18. How to identify and fix website technical problems.
19. How to identify and fix a Google Penalty.
20. Link building and link baiting.

Added Value Of Our In-house SEO Training

Except for all training material, we also provide you with 3 months of email and telephonic support while you implement the strategies we discussed during the training.

Our onsite SEO Training Course is available for R17 500. Courses can typically be scheduled within 2 weeks of receiving payment for the course.

We provide onsite SEO training courses for companies based in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban and the above-mentioned price excludes expenses such as travel and lodging.

Please give us a call at +27 76 640 6339 or email us at eben@pretoriaseo.co.za to discuss a training engagement.