Make Your Website Responsive

Google recently announced the biggest algorithm change. Websites that are mobile optimized will get preference above non-responsive (not optimized for mobile devices) websites. As more people are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse the internet it does makes business sense to have a responsive website.

Improve The Content On Your Website

Old, outdated content on your website actually does more harm than good.  Updating your content regularly keeps the information fresh and shows that you mean business.

content management strategy for SEO also includes images and videos. By changing your product images you immediately give your product pages new life.

If you use sliders on your front page you can also change them with a new message every now and then.

Add A Video To Your Website

Using online videos has proven to be a valuable SEO strategy in recent years. It makes sense that because Google owns Youtube, they will look after their young brother and give priority to videos that are playlisted.

Test And Improve Your Call To Actions

Call-to-actions are very important on your website. Just like a car salesman who tells them all the benefits of the vehicle and never ask for the sale, so can your website also fall into that trap.

You need to make your website work for you as the 24/7 silent salesman it is supposed to be. Experiment with the various call to actions, monitor it and then stick to what works best.